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Heb-lobo pup base (not free to use) by NightShrowd7-17 Heb-lobo pup base (not free to use) by NightShrowd7-17
A puppy base for my species the Hebi-lobo (feel free to check through my gallery for species info)....anyways I made this using :iconra3nuki:'s base and changing the tail to the right type as well as added shadowing.

Species is (c) to me and I'm the only one permitted to post adopts of them unless you have my written consent.

Normally this species is born though an egg, but there are a few rare females with the ablility to give live birth. They are roughly the size of a large tiger once full grown and they grow slowly, they're not sexually mature till they are 75 years old. If you adopt one and submit an age and later decide you want them to be older or younger, I will charge you 5pts for EVERY 10 years you wish to add or subtract. As a pup the two minds of this species act as one, but as it gets older the two minds develope (The 2 heads tend to act as best friends do usually). They contain no special powers, only if they are given an accessory either by you or me that gives them that ability is it possible. The head to the tail is highly venomous but the venom has no effect on others of it's own kind.

I may be will to sell right to create (not truely own however) this species, but i warn you now that if I do the price will be high.
silverwing-sparrow Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012   Photographer
Hi! It was featured here [link]
NightShrowd7-17 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
dawww.....thanks :hug:
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October 29, 2012
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